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However, those options tend to decrease significantly when you’re opting for outdoor home security cameras, such as your PerfectVisionfront porch, backyard, and even driveway. Be sure to check for outdoor ratings on home security cameras if you are looking to install outside; these need to be rugged enough to withstand weather wind, snow, rain, sun, seasonal temperature changes which can be severe, depending on your climate, humidity, and more. Similar to the motion sensor lights that became popular and more common decades ago, home security cameras on today’s market often contain the feature of motion detection. When movement is detected, you will receive notification to alert you of suspicious activity, which allows you to more closely monitor the situation remotely. However, some home security cameras can differentiate between what or who is being targeted for activity – an animal, a car, or a person. Even still, some super smart home security cameras are delving into face recognition technology, involving an automatic zoom in on the people within the field of view and a notification of recognition or unrecognition sent. Pretty amazing. Feature Options Of Home Security CamerasHome security cameras vary, as do all technical products, so you’ll want to be aware of what options are available. Determine the primary reasons you want a home security camera, then choose the product that best addresses those reasons. The following is a brief, general list of some features that home security cameras might offer:Connect to alarm systemProvide two way audio capacity, allowing those at home to talk with you remotelySend notifications at the detection of activity you can set parameters on some home security camerasMonitor childrenServe as complete automation hubs for the homeOther characteristics you may find important for a security camera in your home include the following:Easy to set up and installIntuitive to actually useAttractive appearance, or physically integrates seamlessly into the style of your homeUnnoticeable depending on your purpose for a home security cameraSufficient device support, allowing you to access the home security camera feed or footage from anywhere, be it your computer, tablet, or phone appHome Security Camera ReviewsThe following section provides an in depth look at various home PerfectVisionsecurity cameras, their features, their specifications, and their uses. We’ll look at indoor home security cameras, then indoor/outdoor rated cameras, then finally outdoor home security cameras.

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” One reviewer also liked that it had no subscription fee and thought it was effective: “It ably recognizes motion and alerts you via the app,” he noted, “and provides strong video quality with the option to use an Ultra HD setting.

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home security systems houston

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